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News can be found at many different sites in many different ways and flavors. However, it is the community behind gaming that really drives it, brings it forward and makes it something special.

Rocking it Old School: Muds

In recent years we have seen a strong resurgence in so called retro games through the burgeoning indie game market. Games that don’t rely so much on a specific graphical quality common to mainstream titles, they instead rely on some other core mechanic or even just a feel of game play or character in order to draw the audience in. It is easy in the world of big Triple A titles to forget smal...[Read More]

Locked and Loaded: A Look at PlanetSide 2

The battle for Auraxis is almost upon us as PlanetSide 2 nears the end of its Alpha testing and prepares to move into Beta this week. Those loyal to the Terran Republic are gearing to put down the insurrection of New Conglomerate and Vanu Sovereignty forces. The players are anxiously awaiting what promises to be the most massive FPS experience ever. For those who don’t know what I’m ta...[Read More]

EPIC proportions

Now before some of my more dirty minded readers get the wrong idea (I’m looking at you Frosty) no this isn’t an article about the absurd over-exaggeration of the female form in modern gaming culture. That is I am afraid an article for another day. Instead I would like to sit down and discuss a mainstay in the MMO world that can either make or break a game. Whether you call them Raids, ...[Read More]

Behind The Mask: The Drew Karpyshyn Interview

Greetings Old Republic Radio faithful! Yes I know it has been a while since last I wrote for you and I apologize for the delay. I really wanted to make it up to all of you with something truly special and exciting for me personally. I had a chance to sit and ask Drew Karpyshyn about some of his work and here is the result of that interview. Please enjoy!   [box_light]  Kelindel: First off I w...[Read More]

A Tribute to Mom

We here in Star Wars: The Old Republic often hear from our dark overlords (BioWare) talking about legacy and its integral part in the Star Wars universe. They have done this so much that it has become the focus and even the name of their most recent major content patch. And with the approach of Mothers Day I began to think about this and how we hear so much about Luke and Han Solo, but what about ...[Read More]

Confessions of an Altaholic Part 4: Regression

Downloading Main Assets. Never has the phrase been more reviled than a little over a week and a half ago.  Not since the wait for the official launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic has that phrase been so adept at worming its way under my skin, leaving my writhing with anger, wishing for it to end so I could hurry up and play! Yes, 1.2 was here and it would be glorious (well mostly glorious) At la...[Read More]

Confessions of an Altaholic Vol 3: Legacy

It’s been a while since I’ve come to post here and share my altarific related stories. (yes I made up a word, but I majored in English in College [as well as theatre] and that gives me the right to make up words. It’s in the fine print of the diploma) The reason being is that I’ve been struggling even more with my altaholic tendencies, though in a way I haven’t shared...[Read More]

Georg Zoeller Knows Best (Guild Summit Coverage)

It is always an issue when one tries to change the vocabulary one is so used to. People become used to saying something in a certain way. For instance, one thing I encountered early in SWTOR were the varying ways people referred to crowd control. I used the term c-c, just saying the two letters, while others who played the game that shall not be mentioned use the term ‘sheep’ or those ...[Read More]

To Sith or Not to Sith

What does it mean to be Sith? What does it mean to be a part of the empire? Why would one even ask a question like that? Does it even really matter? To me, it does; Star Wars: The Old Republic is an mmoRPG.

The Old Republic’s Final Frontier

The words have finished scrolling across the screen, fading away into the distance surrounded by the twinkling of stars. We hear the sound of an engine nearing; and then it is there. A ship flies in overhead and the camera pans to follow it. This iconic opening has followed the Star Wars genre through 6 feature length live action movies and numerous television shows, specials and video games. Alwa...[Read More]

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